We will act as a buying agent for you.

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You can buy everything from Korea at the lowest price. However, items prohibited for international mail by postal law including narcotics, live animals, and hazardous materials etc. can not be shipped.
Buying service: service fee is 10% to the product price or a minimum of USD 1.00, varying with product, quantity and weight
Sourcing service: service fee is negotiable(wholesale)

Buying Service Price = product price+shipping cost+service fee
Product price = the product itself price+ domestic delivery cost to the Buykorea’s warehouse
Shipping cost = international delivery cost to your address (EMS)
Service Fee = 5-10% to the product price or a minimum of USD 1

BuyKorea.Biz can purchase nearly any product available in Korea on your behalf, and ship it to you anywhere in the world. Simply send us your inquiry form and we’ll reply with a no-obligation final price invoice. Unlike similar services, you don’t need a deposit. You don’t need to pay product price and shipping cost separately. You pay just one time with the lowest service fee 
① Apply for Buying Service / Sourcing Service
Send us an inquiry form telling us which items you want to buy and where you want them shipped.
② Invoice
We send you a no-obligation final price invoice.
③ Payment
Submit your payment to BuyKorea.Biz for your order by PayPal or Bank transfer
④ BuyKorea.Biz buys Items.
We buy the items on your behalf.
⑤ Delivery
The items arrive at BuyKorea.Biz warehouse. After inspection, the items are delivered to your overseas address. (Delivery tracking Number will be given to you with shipment)
Shipping cost is actual cost.?When you order your items, we calculate the weight and let you know total invoice including shipping cost. You can estimate your shipping cost in advance here.?

Information of the required delivery days and fee.

We accept payment PayPal and Bank Transfer.
It varies according to items and sellers.? Usually it takes around 5-14 days overseas after we receive your payment. Some items might take longer time if out of stock at order time.
Yes, we ship worldwide.
There is no minimum order/price. Moreover minimum service fee is only USD 1.00.
If you can’t find your answer below, click here or e-mail us at help@buykorea.biz. ?If you wait for an e-mail reply from BuyKorea.Biz, please check your spam folder.
Your order will be canceled if sellers do not sell goods due to out of stock or any other reasons. In this case we will refund your payment immediately to your Paypal account. You may cancel your order before your payment.
Absolutely. For businesses we can function as your branch office or agent in Korea. We can negotiate pricing and terms for large volume sales or to help with any other logistical challenges. We look forward to receiving your request.