Buying Service

We help you buy Korean items by providing multiple services.

Sourcing Service

We help you find suitable and reliable Korean items. (wholesale)

BuyKorea.Biz helps you who have difficulties in shopping products from Korea.

Simply send us your?inquiry form?and we’ll reply with a no-obligation final price invoice.

Shop any Korean online store, have us buy and ship your items to you.

You can order without log in or joining us.

BUYING SERVICE?is especially valuable when:

  • You want Korean products with lowest service fee.
  • Korean online stores do not ship overseas.
  • Korean online stores do not accept your forms of payment.
  • You want to buy your items in more than two websites.
  • You want to consolidate several shipments into one outgoing shipment to save shipping costs.
  • You want to confirm items’ detail such as size, stock, delivery and so on.
  • You want to be sure that the items are inspected and packaged safely.
  • Seller is not familiar with international trade or customs documentation.

SORCING SERVICE?is especially?helpful when:

  • You do not know where to shop.
  • You want BuyKorea.Biz to act as your “agent” in Korea to make purchases, negotiate pricing. and terms for large volume sales or to help with any other logistical challenges.
  • You need an wholesale distributor.
We can provide you with ;

Korean clothes, Korean clothing, Korean fashion items, Korean bags, Korean accessories, Korean cosmetics, Korean shoes, Korean skin care, Korean beauty products, K-pop merchandise, Korean drama, Korean movies, Korean DVD, Korean CD Korean stationery, Korean electronics, Korean books, Korean toys, Korean foods, Korean auto parts, Korean merchandise etc….

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